1. The SIDC’s Capital Market Competency Management System Assessment Report (“CMS assessment report”) submitted for BTF application purposes shall be valid for a period of 12 months from the date the assessment was completed in FULL. However, if there are changes to the applicant’s portfolio within the 12 months, then the applicant will be required to submit a new CMS assessment report based on his/her new portfolio.

  2. CMS assessment reports which have exceeded the 12 months validity period shall be deemed incomplete and returned. The application shall not be processed, pending the submission of the updated CMS assessment report.

  3. Reimbursements for the CMS voucher(s) shall be subjected and limited to the number of the completed CMS assessment report(s) submitted with the BTF Course Registration Form(s) received by the Secretariat.

  4. Voucher codes assigned for BTF submission is only valid for a ONE time BTF reimbursement.

  5. All claims must be submitted with the following documents:

    1. a copy of invoice for purchase of the CMS Voucher

    2. a copy of the completed CMS assessment report(s)

    3. a copy of the BTF Course Registration Form submitted

    4. proof of bank account details (i.e. bank statement or a page from an account passbook which specifies the applicant’s name, account number and bank name.)