e-Familiarisation Programme for Marketing Representatives



What is e-FPMR?

This programme is designed and conducted by SIDC as one of the entry requirements for individuals intending to be registered as a Marketing Representative (MR). It is a self-directed online learning programme offered via the SIDC Learning Management System. The broad spectrum of e-learning tutorials will provide a comprehensive introduction to the Malaysian capital market covering the regulatory framework, capital market products and services as well as the techniques and skills required in marketing capital market products and closing the deal with prospective clients.

Why consider becoming an MR?

MR is suitable for individuals with no capital market knowledge or prior experience to get into the capital market Individuals that have undergone the online familiarisation programme would also gain knowledge in marketing, customer service etc which increases the overall employability of individuals.

An MR can pursue his career by becoming a licensed person in of the regulated activities namely:

  • Securities (as Dealers’ Representatives)

  • Derivatives (as Future Brokers’ Representatives)

  • Fund Management (eg: as Portfolio Manager)

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